Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snow day #2.

Kansas weather likes to tease us. 
3 days ago it was nearly 70*. 
Today is blizzard-like conditions. Really. 
But oh... how I love getting that phone call saying that school is cancelled! 

We all slept late. (Thank you, God, for giving me late sleeping children!) 
We crafted with pipe cleaners.. 

Tried to continue our random acts of kindness (I need to think of someone besides the mailman, though)...

Rolled up a towel to stick at the bottom of our storm door. Snow drifts had blown in and all this frost was on the inside of the door. Gotta love these drafty old houses.

See all this frost on our door handle? Cold, cold, cold.

My Colorado trip is still on. I was loving the extra time with my kids today. This little miss is making it really hard for Mommy to want to leave. So sweet, and snuggly and silly. Almost positive I will be crying when I drop her off at daycare tomorrow. 

Poor, sad dog. She loves to play in the snow. I let her out in it... no idea why she looks so sad.

Did a little painting... 

 Race tracks for Zhu Zhu pets...

Unbelievably, we got a phone call during supper saying that school is cancelled again tomorrow!!
But my trip is still on.
We leave at 11:00 am.
So I get a couple extra hours with my wee ones.
The last minute packing will be much less stressful when I don't have to do it at 6:00 am.
Thankful for those extra hours tomorrow morning.
Thankful that I had already done my 3 days of sub plans.
Thankful for 4 wheel drive trucks (so I could run up to school and get my few last minute things around for my sub)
Thankful for neighbor girls who are going to come stay with the big kids when I leave.
Thankful for a grandma who is coming to stay and help.
Thankful that this little one adores her grandma...

It will make it a little easier on this momma tomorrow morning. 


Cheryl said...

We also have a snow day here today in Chicago . . . sooo fun!! I love the idea of giving things to your mailman . . . we are going to do that today, too! thanks for the idea. (and I would have a hard time leaving that cute little peanut, too)
Have a wonderful time and be safe.

Jenny said...

Hope you have a great trip!! Glad you got extra time with kids before you left! :-)

Beckysblog said...

too cute with the zhu zhu pet race track!