Monday, July 21, 2014

blurb love.

You've heard me talk before about how much I love
They have done an amazing job on all of my blog books and I truly did not think I could not be any happier with them. 
But I am. 

One of my books started losing pages. They weren't torn out, just kind of coming loose from the binding. 

I don't know that this book was looked at anymore than the others, but this was my biggest book. I was 6 pages away from the 440 page limit. The following year is when I started splitting them into 2 books: School year and Summer.

This was a pretty special book, though... 

A pretty important year in our family... 

It made me so sad that the pages were falling out. The kids love to look through these books and I hate to discourage them from doing so... but it was making me nervous.

I got back on Blurb just to check out the cost of replacing it. (All of the books I've made are stored on there. I could go back and order more at any time! I love that!) This was my biggest book, though, and the most expensive. To replace it (with tax and shipping) was going to be over $140. Yikes.

So I emailed customer service. Told them the situation. They asked me to send them a couple pictures. In a matter of days, I had this...

A brand new book.
Reprinted and reshipped.
For free.
Ah-mazing customer service!
I thought I couldn't be any happier with them... but I was wrong. So, so happy with this company... their quality... and their awesome customer service. Lifelong customer here.

(And... this is why I'm trying to get caught up on pictures from weeks ago! Love having all these memories recorded in our books! Priceless possessions for our family!) 


Toni :O) said...

Wow, that IS Superior Customer Service indeed Amy...awesome! Love the photos below too, especially of Gretchen's eyes and goodness, so beautiful!

The Sieberts said...

I love blurb too!

Anonymous said...

The comment about the lady in Oklahoma is very offensive! It's borderline bullying and very mean spirited. You are supposed to be a teacher! I certainly wouldn't want my children to make fun of people the way you did with that woman! Shame on you!