Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our fun new purchase this summer...

It took a couple days to get it all filled up, but the kids had fun playing in it when it was several inches deep. (It was cold, though!)

We have the perfect spot for it... back on our little basketball court. (that we don't really use anymore since we have the driveway)

It's only 3 feet deep, so both kids can easily touch. Lawson wanted to wear his floaties his first time in, but quickly realized he didn't need them.

Goggles are his new favorite thing!

Trying to keep the chemicals all balanced is a little annoying, but we are all loving our new place to play!

funny... I think Lawson visits this tree near the pool almost every time we go swimming.


Courtney said...


Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

O.K., so I'll have to give you guys a call about this pool after the summer's over. We were debating about a pool like that, but we were wanting to talk to a pool owner before we bought one. Perhaps next summer, we'll get one. Be on the lookout for a call from me sometime :)