Wednesday, July 15, 2009

right now, it's enough.

On our last Mommy/Lawson day, this is what we did in the first 30 minutes...

Every "Mommy day" we've had, this is what Lawson chooses first: games, puzzles, books. Each of these games or puzzles probably took 10 minutes. Each book we read takes less that 5. Nothing amazing. Nothing expensive. Nothing difficult.
Just me.
And my time.
And my attention.

A friend of mine posted on her blog awhile back how right now, all it takes to make her kids happy is for her to be on the floor with them. A book. A game. A puzzle. Or just talking. Just having her down there, with them, makes them happy.
So simple. So easy. But so hard for me to do most days.
But I am willing myself to remember this, because, like Courtney said, someday it wont' be this simple. Someday, just having me sit with them won't be enough to make them happy.

But right now, it's enough.
And since it does make them so happy, I'm trying to spend more time sitting on the floor... just being with them.

(Even though getting on and off the floor is getting increasingly harder...)

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Courtney said...

good job!
i needed that reminder today...why do i forget so quickly??