Sunday, December 9, 2012

more random.

* This little miss rocked it with the potty training. We haven't had an accident in lots of days and although we are still usually doing a pull up when we take her to church or different places, she has stayed dry and told us when she needs to go. She wakes up dry nearly every morning, too. Yay, Gretchie!! 

* It took a bit longer for her to get the hang of doing more than just tinkling in the potty. But she earned sticker #3 today, so we will making a trip to Sonic later on! For awhile there, she was telling me she would go poop in the potty when it snows. Thankfully, she didn't wait for that. =) 

 * I baked a loaf of banana bread today and accidentally laid about an inch of my palm on the oven rack when I was putting it in. Ouch. Now I have a festive red stripe on the palm of my hand. 

That little face just makes me laugh. 

* If any of you have those adjustable shelves in your refrigerator doors... the ones you can take out and adjust for different size bottles of ketchup, salad dressing, etc. If you have those... and you are shutting your refrigerator door... I suggest you actually pull on the DOOR and not one of those little shelves. Because if you do, there's a chance that the whole little shelf could just pull right off and all those bottles stored there come crashing down. Just maybe.

Back off, ladies... he's taken. 

* I let Sophie watch an episode of "Saved by the Bell" on Netflix today. She didn't love it. (But it was the very first episode, before some of the characters I remember.) When it was done, she saw the info about it and said "1989?! No wonder!" Apparently, I am really old.

* Our kids spent the evening/night with Grandma and Grandpa last night. Corey and I stayed up way too late, knowing that we could sleep late and just meet them at church at 10:30. Great idea... until my phone rang at 7:30 am. Sophie was throwing up (again!) and wanted her momma. (Thankful for that short little 4 block drive. And for coffee.) She threw up over and over for a couple hours. (with an empty stomach, poor girl.) Laid on the couch for a couple hours watching TV and now seems perfectly fine. She's currently singing, getting bundled up to go outside and roller skate. Weird. No fever, no medicine. This is exactly what she did last week, too.

* I had my first observation/evaluation this past week. I think they're planning to keep me. Whew. =) My favorite part was when my principal commented that she has watched me in the hallway, at assemblies, etc. "You are always ON. Do you ever get tired?" Ha! I've been telling my husband that for years. Always being energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining... it is exhausting.

* This was my supper the night after the lice discovery. It was a nice little ending to my non-stop day of laundry and cleaning. Luckily, I think we are completely lice free. No one else ever got it. Sophie did ask me the other night when she can start sleeping with a stuffed animal again. (They are all bagged up in the craft room!)

* The school nurse checked my whole class on Friday and I had her check my hair, too. I was pretty freaked out, honestly. Especially since Corey told me there was no way he would comb through my mess of hair with that tiny little comb. So relieved when she only found 2 pieces of fuzz.

* We had to visit the storage unit last weekend to get our Christmas tree and all our decorations. Oh, how I am looking forward to a house with storage again someday!! (I should have paid more attention at the storage unit, too. One of these big red tubs we drug home was just full of hand-me-downs for Gretchie someday.)

* My shaggy little guy was in desperate need of a haircut. So thankful for my aunt who was visiting and was willing to give him a trim. (Corey and Sophie, too!) She did say it was a bit like cutting hair on a galloping horse, though. I'm not sure how you handled all his wiggling all these years, Amy D.

* Corey made cupcakes the other night, we all put on our jammies and drove the 4 blocks to surprise Grandma and Grandpa. We really like that little 4 block drive. We really like cupcakes, too. Especially carmel ones.

* Our school took all the 1st and 2nd graders (all 36 of them) to sing at a local Retired Teacher's Association meeting. There was a song where they all had to go find a partner. So fun to see one of my little guys dancing with my 1st grade teacher (who was one of my all time favorites!). Lawson got to dance with one of my middle school teachers. 

* It's now 3:44 on a Sunday afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. (Had to miss church to stay home with Sophie). But that's fine with me. Only thing missing is some entertainment for these kiddos... some cookie dough and a Dr. Pepper. And then me alone with the DVR. Off to find some non-electronic activity for them. We'll attempt the "Play and Walk-Away method..." Wish me luck. =)


Toni :O) said...

I'm so excited that your job is going well for you! That is so important....I always say a Happy Working Mom=Happy Momma Bear at home! Glad things are going smoothly for you...have a great Christmas season!

Frau said...

This post made me smile. Love Love Love Mrs. Russell!!! I was so excited when Maren got to have her for "Characta Red" (her name for Character Ed." in first grade. She's the absolute best! I have high school students that had her for 1st grade and we have had Mrs. Russell moments. Glad you got to see them!

Danielle said...

I miss you and your crew so much!! Not really Corey, but the rest of you :) That pic of him made me laugh out loud (that was a little embarrassing since I'm at work). Love the simply sticker chart for Gretchie and the Sonic reward. I'm a little sad Lawson would dance with your former teachers and not with me :(