Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas day.

We've loved having Grandma and Grandpa come for Christmas Day the past few years. Their drive this year was about 57 minutes shorter! Yay!

Gretchie got her first PlaneJane necklace. (Hello Kitty) I think she's worn it everyday since. =)

I ordered Rusted Chain necklaces for teachers, my para and our daycare providers this year. (Love you, Beki!) I picked this one out for myself. (Thanks, Mom!) I have two different necklaces with my kiddos names... now Corey gets a little love, too! It makes me happy. =)

My mom and dad got this Bible for Lawson. Our youth minister at church was selling them one Sunday and I knew Lawson would love it. It's written like a comic book...

My mom found this game for Gretchie at Target. She used to sneak her little hands from her crib into Lawson's dirty laundry and put on his clothes. We started saying she had sneaky raccoon hands. This game was perfect! (and she loves playing it!)

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Danielle said...

Your necklace is gorgeous and perfect! Love the photos with your parents. But you knew I would :)