Friday, June 19, 2015

pajama tea party.

We started off the first day of summer vacation with a tea party. In our pajamas. 
Sprite, vanilla wafers, canned peaches and Starburst. 
We're pretty fancy. 

I'm trying to make it my goal to say "yes" more often this summer.
It's easy for me to get focused on my lists and the things I want to accomplish.
And saying no and avoiding a mess is just easier sometimes.
But easier isn't always better.
Here's to saying "yes."

2 comments: said...

I remember hearing James Dobson once talk about how parents so often say "no" because it is the easier thing to do. But he encouraged them to really think about it and try to say "yes" whenever possible! Be a "yes" parent!

flower power momma said...

Tea party looked like such fun! Kufos to you and your "Yes Summer". What a wonderful plan and fun memories to be made.