Sunday, June 29, 2008

i cannot believe...

that I got 2 hours of college credit for this class: Photoshop Elements for Teachers (& Scrapbookers).

I called my friend Kristi (who is writing yucky papers for an ELL class this summer) halfway through and said, "I would have taken this class even without the credit. I am having so much fun!"

1 Saturday spent in a college computer lab.
5 assignments to turn in by July 19 (I've already finished 3 of them).
1 column moved over on the pay scale. (I'm now MA + 10)
1000's of ideas for things to do in PhotoShop!

These are a few of my assignments:

(made with Cookie Cutter feature)

I couldn't decide which I liked better: just Lawson in color, or just his overalls in color?

Miss Sophie... all about the pink.

(this is all his stuff in the background... Little People, books, Play-Do, markers, etc.)

Look how cute Jen is...

but look... now her hair isn't across her eye!

I still need to do my scrapbook page and my slideshow.

So much fun!


Anonymous said...

I would love to take that class, was it in Newton?, also, I think lawsons pic would be cute if you colored in his red hair along with the overalls.
if ya got it, flaunt it :)

Beth said...

I want to take that class too! That is so cool!