Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I crossed 2 projects off my Summer To-Do-List last night:

1. We took our house numbers down last year when we painted the front of the house and they never made it back up. One of our firemen wrote an article for the paper awhile back about how important it is to have your house numbers visible from the street. Oops. We always planned to order one of the fancy custom made ones from Home Depot or Lowes and just never got around to it. From a distance... this looks pretty close.

$2 at Hobby Lobby. $3 at Wal-Mart.
(and silver spray paint borrowed from Amy D.)

We can now feel secure that firemen can find us.
We'll just hope they never need to.

2. I finally got around to ordering my Sticky Graffiti that I found on Etsy and knew I had to have! It took 5 minutes to apply and I absolutely love it!

Check out their website! I will definitely be ordering more!


Anonymous said...

very nice!

Kendall Smith said...

That is darling! I have seen several people with those now, I may have to look into that!

Amanda said...

I love that website! I have some of that wall writing too...just haven't put it up yet!