Monday, July 14, 2008

this morning.

Walking downstairs... carrying Lawson... I slip.
We bump/slide down 10 stairs, knocking Sophie down like a bowling pin.
Neither of them were hurt, just scared and crying.
It was pretty scary there for a few seconds.

Mommy is now sitting lop-sided in my computer chair, trying to avoid the huge bruise on my bum.

Corey is the only person who will get to see it. He was impressed by it (the bruise, not my bum) and then laughed at me.

Luckily he gave me these on Friday...

So I can't be mad at him for laughing.

(Lots of pictures to post, but I'm trying to finish my last PhotoShop assignment...)


kristin said...

oh, i am glad you are all fine!

i've done this...not graceful and yes, painful.

Beth said...

Ouch! Sorry about the fall and the bruise. I've done that many times as well so can relate to your pain!