Saturday, July 5, 2008

fourth of july.

We truly have the best neighborhood.
Our annual 4th of July block party was better than ever.

Sophie and Lawson finally got brave enough to try out the Bonzai!

We had a few tears and lots of nerves, but once they figured things out, they loved it!

Craig got tired of just watching the kids have fun.

But it was all too much for Baby London.
She fell asleep right in the middle of it all. So sweet.

Sidewalk paint.

Corn shucking contest.

Water balloon toss.

I love this... Tim has no idea what has just happened to him.

Frozen t-shirt contest.

Adults turn. Carlos went crazy!

I think it was because of the prize. :)

Chris and Rita... they live on the opposite side of the block, directly behind us.
But their neighborhood is no fun. They like ours better. :)
And we like them because Chris talks about funny things like Viagra-melon.

This is what happens when you leave daddies unattended with cameras.
Poor London.

Look at her and Sophie in their matching dresses.
Much cuter.

We love having the street blocked off! We decided we should use Carlos' big pile of bricks to build a wall.

We had a crazy amount of fireworks. Big ones.
It took all of us with brooms and shovels to clean up the street afterwards.
We filled 2 trash dumpsters.

How lucky am I to have these girls as neighbors?

We ended the day with our adults only midnight water balloon fight.
Always a blast.
And a campfire in the middle of the street... until 1:30 am.

So much fun.
So many great memories.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the brick wall idea!! :) Do we not have the funnest neighborhood EVER????!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

What a great day that was - at times it felt like a war zone trying to dodge the firecrackers/works. When I think of a "All American" 4th of July party - this is what I picture.

Beth said...

I wanna live in your neighborhood too! Looks like lots of fun!

meg duerksen said...

it was so much fun.
i love being able to let the kids just roam around all day...relax...and laugh.
and eat yummy food.

there was not nearly enough Hank Hill though. :)