Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is rather gross, but I was proud of myself.
Do you have millions of those pesky little fruit flies like we do?
Yesterday I built a little trap.
Sat it on my counter for a few hours and...
look at all those drowned little flies.

And there are a few inside that cannot get out.
They will soon drown too.
Very few yucky fruit flies at our house now!
Yay for me! :)


meg duerksen said...

aren't you even going to share your trap secret??
we have fruit flies and REAL flies.
i am sick of it!
tell me your secret.

thanks again for the hair appt. switch.
i won't look quite so shockingly dark for chicago now.

AND good to see you at the sprinkler park.
i have a real cute pic of lawson, sophie and annie.

Amy said...

It's a bowl with vinegar... add a drop of dishsoap (breaks the surface tension so that as soon as they touch the water, they sink and drown). Cover with plastic wrap and secure with rubberband. Poke lots of small holes (toothpick or fork). They will be attracted to the vinegar, go in the holes and not be able to get back out. Put the bowl close to where you see them the most. It's worked really well for me!

For REAL flies, I yell at my kids to SHUT THE DOOR! :)

amy said...

Oh, Amy~
I so enjoy your sense of humor! "For real flies, I yell at my kids to SHUT THE DOOR!" You are hysterical!

Amy said...

To edit my own directions... it has to be holes made with a fork, not a toothpick. Toothpick holes are too small.