Thursday, July 3, 2008


We drove back to Uncle Casey's farm Tuesday evening.

Look how cute this little man is in the back seat.
Sophie slept the whole way (and then was really crabby for awhile after we got there!)

Lawson's first ride in the combine.

Sophie waiting for her turn.

Still waiting...

There she goes!

And Lawson had so much fun, he wanted to go again. And he didn't want to wait for Daddy or Uncle Casey to carry him up there. I'm sitting in the back of the truck, taking pictures, and asking my mother-in-law, "Do they realize he's up there?"

They were having lots of fun playing in the wheat truck... until they notice the hundreds of bugs, grasshoppers and caterpillar things in there.

This guy was in his element. (not here with Baby London... he's great in this element, too, but the picture is just for his shirt)
Do you see what it says?

"Born to Farm"

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Holly said...

awesome pictures!!!
the 'born to farm' is hilarious as he is holding that baby!