Thursday, July 17, 2008

sleepy kids.

We are so not ready for school to start again.
I haven't seen 5:45 AM all summer.
I don't really want to start seeing again, either.
But I have to get these little people up around 6:30.

They are really not going to be happy about that.

Yes, Lawson is in our bed. He came in sometime around 4 and stayed for awhile until I took him back to his room. Then he came back again around 6. Corey was gone by then, so I just let him stay. He is such a snuggler. Sophie rarely ever comes into our room. Only during loud thunderstorms. Lawson shows up at least once a week. He snuggles in and goes right to sleep. We usually let him stay awhile, until one of us wakes up again and realizes he is still there and carries him back to his room.

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