Wednesday, December 12, 2007

surprise visitors.

We came home to surprise visitors today!
There was no power in all of Abilene, so after shivering through the night and wearing layer upon layer of clothing, my mom decided to come stay with us.
She brought my grandma with her.
Dad is staying to tough it out.
He did surgery today (on animals) with light provided by a generator.
That's dedication.

The kids were oh-so-excited to have Grandma and Great-Grandma here to visit.
Mommy was oh-so-excited to come home to supper already on the stove.

So happy we're close enough for you to come warm up!

This is what it looked like outside our front door on Tuesday.

Nearby towns are much, much worse.
Mom and Dad have been without power for 3 days now and they say it could be 7-10 days until it is restored.
Come visit us again, Mom!
(but I guess you cannot read this, because you have no power...)

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Anonymous said...

it's a good day to be in TEXAS :)