Friday, December 19, 2008

15 hours...

is how long I am spending at school today.
15 hours.

Today was our last day with kids, but we were scheduled to have a work day on Monday, the 22nd. No one really wanted to come back for that, but technicalities being what they are, we had to have a work day sometime before Jan. 5th. (which is also a work day) We ended up having a choice between staying tonight until 10:30 or coming in tomorrow from 8:00-3:00.
I chose tonight.

I've already changed into comfy clothes and my slippers.
Pizza party/dinner is in an hour.
I'm thinking another Diet Dr. Pepper is going to be needed to get me through the next 5 hours.

Technically, it's a work day/night.
But I don't think I'll be getting a lot of work done.

I've listened to my mellow, relaxing "these crazy kids are finally gone" music.
Now I think it's time for something with a little more energy.
"Mamma Mia," maybe?

We'll see if I'm productive...


amy said...

Oh, Amy!

That is INSANE!

But, Christmas break is totally worth it!


Amanda said...

Nothing like blogging on school time! Hope you're last few hours are some what productive...even if it is burning some calories dancing to Mama Mia! Hey, did you see that it came out on DVD????

Aaron and Shannon said...

So... I heard there may have been some volleyball involved in the work day too???!!! Hope you had an enjoyable time. We got back on the 2nd.