Monday, December 8, 2008


We had a little bit of pukiness at our house yesterday. From Lawson.
Threw up once in the morning and ran a fever off and on all day.
We're thinking (hoping) that it's just a 24 hour thing.
He's still pretty spunky.
But very cuddly and snuggly, too.
Since I spent most of the day yesterday on the couch feeling yucky myself, I happily volunteered to be the one to stay home with him today. I ran to school last night to do sub plans (after I made sure my favorite sub was available!)

My busy day today:

* slept until 7:15! (Corey went in late so that he could take Sophie to school at 7:45. Lawson ended up sleeping until 8:15)
* watched "The Winch" (aka: Grinch) and "Shrek the Halls" snuggled up on the couch
* took a shower (the shower, and a combination of Sudafed, ibprofen and Diet Dr. Pepper has made mommy feel much better!)
* played Candyland
* played "cards" (a game I made up yesterday)
* painted with glitter pens
* made lunch for Corey (aren't I a good little wife?!)
* played Lite Brite
* watched "Bambi 2" (more snuggling on the couch)
* laundry
* put the sleepy little man down for a nap
* sewed cubby badges on Lawson's vest and a Sparks badge on Sophie's vest (Awanas)
* sewed the eye back on Sophie's snowman stocking (he doesn't look like a pirate anymore!)
* blogged (obviously)
* emailed several people
* arranged a ride home for Sophie so I don't have to wake up the sleepy little man (thanks, Jody!)
* worked on our Christmas letter

Love that feeling of being productive and getting some extra snuggle time with my favorite little man!

And, bonus... today was my short plan day (my sub got to stay in the computer lab instead of me!) and I got to skip out on a meeting scheduled for after school! (since I am loving meetings lately!)

Happy Day!

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