Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am hating meetings lately.

Long IEP meeting after school yesterday. (2 hours)
People frustrated with each other before the meeting.
More people frustrated with each other after the meeting.

Weekly 10 minute meeting during my Art time today.
Ended up taking 30 minutes because we were talking/venting about the frustrating meeting yesterday and the lack of communication which then leads to frustration.

Different (but equally frustrating) meeting today during my plan time.
Supposed to take 15 minutes.
Ended up taking 40.

Another meeting after school today to talk about the meeting from yesterday.
Only 30 minutes this time.
But because of the lack of communication before the original IEP meeting, we now have another meeting in 2 weeks.

Only 1 meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
45 minutes, after school.
But at another school.

Hoping that I'll actually be able to use some of my plan time tomorrow to get some things crossed off my long to-do-list.

Maybe I'll lock my classroom door.


Amanda said...

oh the joys! I hope you get something done tomorrow!

Courtney said...

what a horrible month to have those kind of meetings. i'm praying you get a lot done today!