Monday, December 22, 2008


If you are reading this... say a little prayer.
In 15 minutes I am taking Sophie to the dentist.
A little one, but still requires all the work that any other cavity would.
We've sort of done this once before, but it wasn't a cavity, it was a black spot that had developed inside her baby tooth that they wanted to get rid of.
I was really, really anxious.
Trying to prepare her everyway I can think of.
She did amazing!
For all but the last 10 minutes.
Part of me thinks it was that she was just done with having them be in her mouth.
Part of me thinks that numb feeling finally become noticeable.
Whatever it was... she freaked.
Crying, yelling, the kind of yelling that everyone in the waiting room can hear.

They were wonderful. Very nice to me when I was mortified and completely embarrassed.
Very reassuring to her.
But it didn't help.

Anna says this one will be easier. Faster. Less invasive than her front tooth.
I am praying hard that she is right.

*** ******************************

Home already!
Less than an hour.
Way faster than the black spot tooth.
She did great! Perfect!
Not a single peep from her.
They even commented on how quiet she was!
4 tokens to get treats from the prize machine... 2 Applebees kid's meal coupons... a juice box... a flower... and mommy got her a Sonic cream slush for lunch. :)

Yay for answered prayers!

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