Tuesday, December 30, 2008

girl's getaway.

In two days, I am headed here...

to stay in this cottage...

with my favorite group of friends (minus one, plus two more!)

4 days.
Just the girls.
Movies, scrapbooking, sewing, reading, eating, talking, laughing, crying (the happy kind), quilting, napping, praying, singing, dancing (which will probably lead to more laughing/crying), relaxing and just enjoying being together!

It was a surprise 40th birthday present from one sweet husband. He decided to tell her about it on Christmas, though, so now it's safe to blog about!

So, so excited!
I made trips to my two favorite scrapbook stores today. I have three projects in mind to work on.

Feeling a little guilty about leaving my kiddos for 4 days, but Di will only turn 40 once, right?
My mom asked to keep Sophie for part of the time and Corey happily agreed. :) He and Lawson are going to do "guy stuff" together. (I know sheetrock is involved one day.)

So a little guilty.
But really excited.

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