Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We all took Corey's mom out to eat at a Japanese steakhouse for her birthday...

Sophie and Lawson were thrilled with their Shirley Temples.

But they weren't too sure about this...

Sophie snuggled up with Aunt Heather for most of the fire parts.

And Lawson kept a cautious eye on the chef.

On our way to the restuarant, we had to pull over for some fire trucks with their lights and sirens flashing. This led to a whole discussion on fires, and everything they ever heard about fire saftey in kindergarten and pre-school...

We don't play with matches.
We get out of the house if it's on fire.
We don't go back for stuffed animals or toys.
We go to Miss Amy and Craig's front porch.
We call 911.
Yeah... call 911, Sopie. Not 1167. Dat won't help you. Don't call 1167, okay? You call 911.

So we spend 15 minutes talking about fire and how dangerous it is,
and then we make them sit at a table 12 inches away from this...

It's no wonder they were a little nervous.

Uncle Casey trying to catch a flying shrimp.

Even Grandma Jones tried to catch one.

All my pictures of Corey catching a shrimp were blurry. But he did catch one. (after 4 attempts)
Everyone tried except me... nasty seafood. I was quite content with my chicken.

One more fire...

to which Lawson says, "I don't want anymore fire, Daddy!"

And a birthday "candle" for Grandma Jones...

We finished eating... Lawson kept a close eye on the chefs playing with fire all around us...

Then back to Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian's house to play with (aka: smother) Max and Ozzy.
Such tolerant little dogs...

even while they're getting their faces stretched.

Poor Ozzy just looks worried...

He must have seen what just happened to his brother.

Happy Birthday, Jeanette!

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