Wednesday, November 11, 2015

hawaii: kaneohae bay {day 3}.

Such a happy and crazy coincidence that an old friend of mine (we hadn't seen each other in over 20 years!) lives on the island we were going to be visiting. He had seen a post on Facebook and just happened to have a couple days off work while we were there. We messaged and texted and arranged to spend the day together on Wednesday! 

We texted him when we were done at Aloha Stadium (or done enough... we didn't even come close to seeing everything!) and he came back and picked us up. We grabbed some sandwiches at a local sub shop and headed to Kaneohe Bay! 

See all those stairs??

Not only did we know someone who lives in Hawaii... we knew someone who owns a boat!

His oldest son joined us for the afternoon, too.

There is a huge sandbar in the middle of this bay. The water goes from 40 feet deep to maybe 1 foot deep, just like that. He pulled the boat right up to the sandbar and we were able to jump out and walk all around. So amazing!

The blue water on the left is the deep, deep ocean... then the sandbar. People will come out here on the weekends with BBQ grills and lawnchairs and just spend the day!

I know a lot of people don't love Facebook. But this is why I do... reconnecting with an old friend I hand't seen in over 20 years, spending the day together on a boat... in the OCEAN... in HAWAII!! Never would have been possible without Facebook!

Andrew's son, Drew, tested out the tubing for us first. It was pretty choppy and rough!

He took us to the calmer area of the bay for our turn. Thank goodness for that! =) 

I started out a little rough...

And then they made me swim to the tube... after they had jerked it *just* far enough away by stepping on the gas.

On the way back to the hotel, Andrew took us to Pali Lookout. Amazing view!

These happy buses were my favorite! =)

Such a fun day full of memories!

And... crazy enough, Andrew flew back to Kansas on Thursday to come visit his family. We invited him to our house for dinner Monday evening. So we went over 20 years without seeing each other, and then saw each other twice in one week. Oceans apart!

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Toni :O) said...

That is super cool and gotta love FB, best reason to see a friend you hadn't in forever. That's a God thing IMHO.