Saturday, October 10, 2009

fancy nancy.

Sophie's "Fancy Nancy" birthday party was wonderful! She had so much fun!

We started out with a surprise trip next door to Miss Amy's to get her hair done! She even had special hair ribbons made... just for a fun birthday present! For not even knowing who Fancy Nancy is... Miss Amy did a pretty good job!

One of the best things I did... paying these two lovely girls to come and help! (I may do this again... even if I'm not 10 days away from having a baby!)

Olivia and Maddy did their make-up and painted their nails. (and helped me with so many things!) The little girls just loved it! (I did, too!)

Making bracelets and necklaces...

Cookies to decorate and finger jello... (very fancy menu, huh?)

I think they were most thrilled with the fancy glasses I let them use!

Making name signs to hang on their bedroom doors...

Fancy Nancy's dog... Frenchy! (Sophie LOVES it!!)

So many fun presents! Such a fun time! Such sweet little girls! (I realized I didn't get a picture of all of them together, though!)

I loved throwing this party for you, Sophie!
I really can't believe you are turning 7!
I'm glad you had fun, sweet girl! (Even if you are more of a "Sassy Nancy!")


Amanda said...

oh please please please let me copy this one of these years!!! This was SOOO cute Amy! I bet those girls will remember this party fun and special. I can't wait for Taylor to open her Fancy Nancy books for her bday!

Christina said...

So sweet-I love Fancy Nancy, and didn't discover her until my oldest was a little too old for it (she likes it anyway, but still). What a cute idea!

Kristin said...

Sarah is loving the pictures!! It looks very cute :)

amy said...

what a fantastic party! i loved seeing your pink belly in the mirror reflection! very fun, amy!

kristin said...

oh, this is good.

: )

Courtney said...

i just might have to break my rules and let bailey have a "friend" birthday party...this was SUCH a great party! perfect!! LOVED it all!