Saturday, October 10, 2009

my plan.

I am a planner.
I love lists.
I write things on my list that I have already done... just so I can cross them off.
I like to be prepared, and although my house and classroom may not always reflect it... I like to be organized.

Not surprising... I have a plan for this baby. A timeline.
Sophie and Lawson were both late.
She was 5 days late and they induced me with him when he was 8 days late.
So I'm not really expecting this little one to come early.
I talked to my doctor several months ago about induction. He was more than happy to let me pick a date!

The main reason he agreed so willingly is because they have to treat me for Group B strep. They tested me for it when I was pregnant with Sophie, and the test was negative. But... 5 weeks later, that was the bacteria that was identified as causing her meningitis. When I was pregnant with Lawson, they didn't even test me for it, they said they would just go ahead and treat me for it. The catch though, was that they have to administer 2 doses of penicillian and they have to be 4 hours apart. My total labor with Sophie was about 5 hours. My doctor hoped that by inducing me, he could could make sure I got both doses. I was hesitant to be induced, though, because I had heard that it made your labor harder. My labor with Sophie was so easy, I didn't want to mess with a good thing! But... after 8 days, I was more than willing! My doctor wouldn't break my water until I had gotten the 2nd dose of penicillian. Once he did break my water... Lawson was born an hour later! (I'm really hoping this little one will be just as easy!)

So I had it all planned out...
I am going to be induced at 6:00 am on Tuesday, October 20th.
My mom is going to come down the night before so that she can take the kids to school and daycare that morning. Then, she'll join us at the hospital. Megan is also going to be there!

My plan was to get the kids there fairly soon after their little sister arrives so that Megan could get some really sweet pictures of them the first time they see her... pictures of the three of them... pictures of them 5 of us together. I asked her about it this summer and I have been so excited about it ever since!

But... this swine flu epidemic and the hospital banning all visitors under the age of 12 was NOT a part of my plan. At this point, my doctor is saying that there is probably no way Sophie and Lawson will be able to see their baby sister at the hospital. I can go to the lobby and see them, but the baby cannot leave the maternity unit and they cannot come to my room, even wearing masks. (Apparently germs will escape underneath the closed door.) I understand their reasoning, but I am so frustrated and disappointed by the whole situation. I haven't had the heart to tell the kids yet, either. I know I won't be in the hospital for long (probably about 24 hours), but I love having visitors! I don't want to tell other friends not to come... but I hate the thought that Sophie and Lawson won't be some of the first people to meet her. It just makes me sad.

So I'm hoping for a change. Looking for a loophole. Praying that somehow we will be able to get Sophie and Lawson in to see their baby sister.
But I'm also trying to prepare myself for the fact that it might not happen.
I should start preparing the kids.
I need to talk to Megan, and see if she'll be able to run across the street when we bring this little miss home and take pictures for us then.

But I don't want to.
I want things to go according to my plan.
I'm selfish like that.

So pray for us.
Pray for Sophie and Lawson... that they won't be too disappointed.
Pray for me... that I will be happy with whatever happens. Or... pray for a loophole... someway for us to get around this frustrating rule.

And pray for this little miss, too... that she follows her mama's plan and arrives quickly and easily! :)


amy said...

oh, amy!
i am sure that is so dissapointing frustrating... i am sure that megan will come over to take those first pictures when you arrive home from the hospital! maybe your parents could take the kiddos for a drive while you get settled in at home & then they could come home to find you & the new baby there waiting. megan could be waiting, too, to capture those first moments. in the grand scheme of things...better to be safe (and do it at home) than have the kids pick something up at the hospital and bring it home for new baby jones to catch at such a young age. :/ hoping all goes well for you to cross things off your list & survive birthday parties! :)

The Sieberts said...

I was so sad too when i found out Ava can't come see her new baby sister at the hospital! I know she's going to be so hurt. Maybe together we can pray for a loophole :) i am going in the 21st and induced the 22nd, so maybe we'll cross paths! I pray everything goes well for you!

Amanda said...

Amy, you remind me of myself sometimes. I can be quite the baby when things just don't go my way. I will be praying for ALL of this. I know you know this, but sibling pictures, family pictures, seeing their new baby sister before others...none of this is as important as everyone's health and a sickness getting passed to baby Jones. I have a feeling after she is born and after you are home enjoying all of them, you won't think twice about your plans that didn't happen.

Oh, and by the way, Oct. 20 is Taylor's bday...great day! I love this time of a year for a birthday party!

Aaron and Shannon said...

I'm sorry to hear that....however this stuff that's going around is nasty. You don't want any of your kiddos to get it, especially the baby! I pray that things go as you plan and hopefully you can get home sooner than later to have your family all together!

meg duerksen said...

ok let's have your baby at home?!! :) i will help you.
or...i can wear a huge mumu when i come and smuggle them in underneath.
OR...they could fit in a big suitcase?

we'll make it work amy.
we will get all the good baby arrival...all the good big sister and brother love...where ever they are.
it will work.
that's the great thing about being neighbors...we are close. i can be ready and waiting for you to come home. i love amy's idea!
i think no swine flu is probably your best idea. no matter what. :)
i can't wait to help you capture junie b. jones' arrival into the world. i will just try not to bawl my eyes out the entire time!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I laughed to hear that you will write things down on a list that you've already done just so you can cross it off. I do that too!! That is so silly but feels so accomplished! And I know how you feel about things not going to plan. "But My ways are not your ways" right? Having to learning to go with the flow, or as He directs is not always easy.

Courtney said...

i know it will all work out beautifully. probably better than you could have even planned...

but i'll be praying for PEACE for your heart...and understanding for your kids...and health for all of you! (AND an uneventful labor!!!)

Christina said...

I can totally understand your frustration! It seems crazy that your own kids can't come in. It does seem that the main thing is that everyone is healthy, though. Prayers for all of you!

rn in fl said...

Don't pray for a loophole. Pray none of them catch the h1n1 that as been deadly.