Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Happy Birthday to my favorite 7 year old.
(and I know a lot of 7 year olds!)

I love to hear you sing and play.
I love to watch you dance.
I love to see you run around with your friends at recess.
I love passing you in the halls and sharing a smile or a wink.
I love listening to you read.
I love your sweet smile... with all your missing teeth.
I love to see you becoming more confident, more outgoing, more adventerous.
I love to hear you play with your little brother and I can't wait to see you become a big sister again.
I love to hear you pray.
I love that you are mine and I pray that you will always know just how very much you are loved.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sophie.


Eric and Pam said...

happy birthday sophie!

Eric and Pam said...

PS: this cute picture of her looks so much like your profile picture!