Saturday, September 12, 2015

Norwex. {day 4}

Hawaii achievers... walking across stage! 

{Made it home safely (to a clean house, even!) New friends, so many ideas and I only "almost" left my suitcase in MN. (For real. It would have been awful.) And now a week til school starts. }
#imnotready #NinjasTakeMN

Norwex. {day 3}

Text: "Do you know where they are sitting?"
Me: "I don't see them..."
I'm pretty sure it was only funny to me. (and maybe Jennea...)

Norwex. {day 2}

This little Norwex business has been such a blessing to our family. Bigger than we ever even imagined! And I love being a part of a company that is so invested in the environment and making the world a safer, healthier place! 

{College roomies. Now hotel roomies.}

These sculptures are all made from trash found washed up from the ocean. Amazing!

Norwex. {day 1}

The week before school started, I got to go on a fun little adventure. 
The Norwex National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota! 

{I really prefer the days where I only see 4:30 once a day. The PM one.
Air travel is not my favorite. But happy luggage does make thins more enjoyable!}

{She hasn't thrown up on me yet. (But we haven't left the ground yet...) #NinjasTakeMN}

Loved the public transportation/train in Minneapolis! 

Mall of America

{Decisions, decisions. Turns out my comfy walking shoes weren't so comfy.}

So excited to see new products being announced tomorrow! Yes... that is a security guard! 

Watching the video to explain our t-shirts. =)

L-R: Heather, Jennea, Amy, Shelly, Teri, Conni, Tina, Linda, Kim, Katie

Sunday, August 30, 2015

moving hay.

I'm pretty sure the sky is bluer in the country. 

So this happened one evening. That's a TRACTOR I'm driving! (Getting more farmery all the time!)

This is what I was driving. Be impressed. =)

I might need to work on my farm wife wardrobe a bit...