Wednesday, September 17, 2014

farm girl.

 Possibly one of my favorite pictures from this year...

My little farm girl... in her fancy dress.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

gretchen {age 4.}

This little miss is going to be 5 in a little over a month. 
And there are some things I want to remember about her at age 4... 

You love to go to the library and ride on the "alligator." There's only like 5 steps to get to the children's level, but taking the alligator (elevator) is more fun. 

One of your favorite shows is "Curious the George." Not "Curious George," you always put a THE in there.

You are definitely my outdoor girl. You love to be outside.

You're pretty adorable when you're helping your daddy.

Especially when you're wearing your fancy dress...

You are a perfect mix of girly girl and outdoor girl.

You love to have your fingers and toenails painted. And no matter how many times you hear me call it nail polish, you always call it "pail nolish."

This bench is one of your favorite places to play. You've spent hours here since we moved in... playing, standing in the window and using it as your stage or drawing at the table.

Lawson is (usually) one of your favorite people.

I love to see the two of you play together. You were blessed with a really good big brother.

You've got a pretty great big sister, too. You love to play Barbies with her. She's so good to you. (Most of the time.)

Your pink cowboy boots are one of the best things we ever bought you. They are getting too small for you and you've already asked me to put brown cowboy boots on your birthday list. 

One of your favorite movies is "Spicle D'Me" (also know as Despicable Me).

Up until a few months ago you still called mermaids "mer-man-aids." See? That's why I don't correct things. Just like I knew Lawson wouldn't go to kindergarten still calling gorillas "bu-gillas." I just enjoy it while it lasts. =)

You fall down inside the house a lot. Probably because you are usually running or skipping or hopping. We can always tell if you are hurt right away, though. Usually you jump up and holler, "I'm okay!" If you are hurt, it's a long, drawn out, "Owieeeeeee!"

You became rather fond of toast with Nutella this summer...

One day this summer I was standing in front of the trash can in the kitchen. You walked over, swatted me on the hip and said, "Move out da' way." I laughed too hard to discipline you. (And now we all say that pretty often.) 

Daddy singing the "Bubble Guppies" song can still make you smile and laugh every time.

You don't like it when Daddy's face gets scratchy. Too many whit-skers.

You are my best little laundry folder. Seriously. Towels, especially.

You give me high-fives all the time. Usually just right in the middle of supper or randomly as I'm walking past you.

You love to draw. And your drawings are some of my absolute favorites.

Your writing is my favorite, too. I find random letters or your name written on pieces of paper everywhere. You love to stick them on the fridge, too.

You have kind of taken over the dining room table. We hardly ever eat out there, so it's perfect for you and your play-do and crayons and makers.

As a result, this is what our dining room table looks like 99.8% of the time. (And possibly the kitchen table, too. You like to spread your work out.)

You are still our easiest, most compliant little person. We have started to see a little bit of a stubborn streak in you on occasion, but it's rare. Usually just the threat of time out or an early bedtime is enough. 

You recently had a nail painting party after you went to bed one night. That wasn't my favorite. A couple nights later it was craft paint. You were banned from sleeping in the craft room after that. Good thing you're cute.

You are one of the sweetest and smartest little 4 year olds I know, Gretchen Jane. And I really can't believe that you are almost 5. We are so very blessed to call you ours. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

summer random.

We Corey attempted a garden. We had high hopes, but it didn't turn out awesome. Maybe next year.

Rescuing frogs from the window well...

Lawson's first trip to camp...

A little bit scary, but things are always better with your best friend.

They had a great time and were already talking about next year the day I picked them up.

We're down to 1.5 trees now after a huge windstorm rolled through. 

Sophie was thrilled to have this girl spend the night. For 2 nights!

Lots of loving on Simone... the tamest cat in the world. (Who really, really wants to be a house cat. We'll see...)

These two need some work at learning to get along. Oddly enough it's the small one that's the most aggressive. 

Made some trips to the pasture to visit. He's living with the big cows now, but still our tame little Abe.

Her drawings are my favorite...

Lots of baseball games...

Ezra got to come to a couple games with us the day I picked them up from camp. He and Gretchen made me smile.

These kids are capable of so much more than we have them do. We really need to step it up with the chores and responsibilities around here. 

And all too quickly... summer was over.
This was supposed to be my relaxing summer. I didn't realize that I was going to start a new business and be crazy busy with that. Dang. It was a good problem to have, but still.
Surely a relaxing summer will happen at some point, right? =)