Sunday, November 16, 2014


This table doesn't look like much fun to me. But to my husband... this was the perfect way to spend some time on his birthday. 
(Over a month ago... Yes. I'm behind.) 

These boys were both going to be participating in a kids shooting event through a local Pheasants Forever group. So it was practice/teaching for them. And fun for the daddies.

And this momma. Who is way more woman than I'll ever be. She even has her own gun. And she knows how to use it really well.

I was perfectly content to just hold my camera. I'm not much of a gun fan. But... since it was this guy's birthday...

This happened... 

I did eventually hit the target. One that is sitting still there in the grass. Not flying through the air. I think it took me 4 tries? Not too bad for my first time ever shooting something besides BB gun.

Even Sophie decided to give it a try...

She hit the target on her first try. =) Daddy was pretty proud.

It wasn't my favorite. It did feel good to hit the target (finally.) but it's probably never going to be my thing. And I'm okay with that. My arms feel more natural with something like this in them...  =)

But don't go trying to break into our house or anything, bad guys.
Because I do know how to load the thing now.
And I do know how to shoot it.
And I just might hit you. Maybe. =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

my other halloween.

Halloween Day was spent with these happy little people. (Such a tiny class this year! 11! I'm still in awe... and loving it!) 

It was 34* this year when we went on our parade downtown! So cold!

Lawson's ears were cold, apparently. =) 

Then we took turns visiting the local nursing home. These two were in my class last year. And they obviously have mommas with creative Halloween genes! =)

Pretty sure we were all a little loopy by the end of the day. =)
(And all us teachers were so, so happy that Halloween was on a Friday this year!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

flag football.

The field where we play is fairly close to a military base. Gretchen spotted lots of helicopters during games! These 6 all together were pretty impressive, though!

We always start out the season in shorts and short sleeves. By then end we're bundled up in coats and blankets!

Lawson got to carry the ball a lot this year! He scored several touchdowns! They ended their season 5-1!

It really was flag football... pretty sure this "tackle" was an accident. =)

Lawson's baseball coach we loved so much this summer? We got to have him again. He really is the best coach we've ever worked with. So, so lucky to have his influence on these boys!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


My Halloween costume for school this year. (Again.) 
I decided that I really need a job where I can wear scrubs to work everyday. 
Dressing up is overrated. 

Sophie was a vet, too.

We even got Simone to pose for a couple pictures. =)

Why, yes. Those are flashing red lights behind us. Just in case Halloween itself wasn't exciting enough.
#justawarning #whew 

We only trick-or-treated at a few houses. We stopped by Grandma Jones' before we headed into town, went to a few houses in my parents neighborhood and stopped to visit the doctor my mom works with. Pretty low-key. I'm a fan of low-key. 

Happy Halloween!