Sunday, November 1, 2015

stealing eggs.

Farm life does have it's advantages. 
Like when your son starts baking brownies... and he realizes halfway through that you have no eggs...  and the closest store is 12 miles away... and you are still in your pajamas... 

If you have neighbors with chickens, they just might let you sneak over and steal some.

There may be some yelling stern talking when your egg-needing son is too chicken to actually grab the eggs. "She's looking at me!"

Pretty sure we wouldn't have wanted to run to the grocery store looking like this... 

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Every year I can't remember if we still have these little carving tools. So I buy more. Pretty sure we have enough now. 

Powercat pumpkin! 

Sophie ended up trick-or-treating with a friend this year. Apparently we're not cool anymore. =)

These two happily visited a few houses with us...

Jealous of these neighbors! It was even a New York game! =)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

halloween parade.

On the bus to the nursing home...

Sweet co-workers...

A special photo for my "BatDad" loving friend... =)

Monday, October 26, 2015

september/october random.

{I don't usually get freaked out by storms, but tonight is a little eerie. The steady rumble of thunder is a bit creepy. Skies are completely black now, except for the constant flashes of lightning.

{My mowing days may be over... #farmlife #hisfavoritething}

{Sunday night fun. I try so hard at this organization thing. And hate when I feel like I'm failing at it. #momlife}

{Just driving down the road with a  7 foot Superman. Nothing to see here... #SuperReaders}

{Wednesday nights.}

My new favorite way to shop for swimsuits. Online. Thank you Target free shipping and easy returns!

{Not so helpful.}

 {Happy arm candy today. Green, polka dots and amazing grace.}

{Good thing I can read phonetic spelling. Otherwise I might have been offended. #firstgrade}

{Almost screwed up the kindergarten homework tonight. Only took Gretchen and I a little bit to figure out that last picture wasn't a spider.}

{May the force be with you. #shemakesmesmile}

{I suppose there's really no sense in putting it away at this point...}

{He was just a bit overdue for a haircut...}

{After. The black eye adds from recess adds to the toughness, don't you think?}

{Cooking advice from a meal planning pro... When you're planning a pasta dish for supper, PASTA is a key ingredient. Neither of these are the correct kind. #italltastesthesameright?}

{This hasn't happened in way too long. Football is over. It's a relaxing Saturday morning. Finally.}

{Saturday morning snuggles.}

{It was a SUPER day today! #SuperReaders}

{It's a floor tea party. #shemakesmesmile}