Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas 2015.

Look how little! =)

christmas morning.

Christmas trees for Sophie... Chevron for Lawson... red and white polka dots for Gretchen. Everything else was a for all 3. (I was trying to use up wrapping paper this year!) =)

A box full of clothes from Target. (#teenager) She had texted me a list, complete with pictures. (Thank you, Black Friday 40% off sale!)

MIP robot.

Baby Alive.

Corey's gift from me...

He lost his favorite hat when we were in Hawaii. I got in touch with the wife of Corey's friend who works here and got him hooked up again. (Along with some spares) It was a fun little surprise. =)

Thank you Duracell people, for putting AAA batteries in with your big pack of AA. That could have been really, REALLY bad! (We might have been making a trip to the RV park in search of batteries!)

This little mommy is so, so happy!

Cinnamon rolls and singing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus...

Best gift this year...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

christmas eve.

{Lawson: "Is that the movie where the guy gets drunk and wants to jump off a bridge? 
I love that movie! #christmasevetradition}

{Two out of three smiling about their new Christmas pajamas.}

Thursday, December 17, 2015

december random.

School Christmas program. They tried to squish all their little faces in there, 
but couldn't quite fit everybody! 

Again. So, so frustrating. 

I decided I need to write God's promise about never flooding the Earth again on her floor. =) 

Love these sweet girls and the friendship they have. 

One of my favorite December traditions... singing Christmas carols during Rise and Shine the week before Christmas break. (It also happened to be Pajama Day!)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

christmas decorating.

{The ladder fell. And I set it back up. Wife points for me! 
(Luckily Lawson was out there. Although we would have missed him eventually.)

Gingerbread barn.

Once again, the kids decorated the entire tree. It's crazy and colorful and all mismatched. 
And I love it. 

{One of those ornaments in moving...}