Friday, April 10, 2015


Some things are just good for my soul.
Being crafty and creating is one of them. 
One that I don't do nearly often enough. 
But it always makes me happy when I do. =) 

Corey found this little treasure out in the old barn awhile back. 
He was sweet enough to think of me and see if I wanted it. 

A little spray paint...

And my overwhelming number of bracelets...

Are now a little more organized... and a whole lot more happy. =)

Sometimes it's just little things that make my heart happy. =)


Anonymous said...

Silly me I only thought of hanging cups.

Kristin said...

How nice of him! Looks good!

Toni :O) said...

That's perfect Amy!! Brilliant and I LOVE the paint color. My mom used to hang cups on ours back in the day!