Saturday, November 29, 2008

preschool program.

Lawson's pre-school alternates each year between a Thanksgiving and Christmas program. They used this little sampler program to show us lots of the songs they've done during circle time.

Dancing to "Brainsmart Time!" (Corey was impressed that I do this same song and dance with my 1st graders several times a week.)

Lawson would glance over at us and give us ornery little smiles.

He's very good at the jumping parts. :)

As they filed past us on their way out, Lawson shot us another ornery little grin and then poked me as he walked by.

Lawson is thankful for...

* My dog, Marley
* My cats, Chloe and Zoe
* Eating cereal at home
* Fried chicken

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