Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wednesday nights.

We're not doing our church's Wednesday night Awana program this year. 

It's a great program. Great for the kids. Great leaders. Great way to encourage memorizing Bible verses.

But it was too much for our family this year. Too much rush. Too much last minute reading and memorizing as we were rushing through dinner on Wednesdays. Too much hurry. I feel like I'm always telling my kids to hurry. Ugh.

So we decided to make Wednesday nights a family night. The tv stays off... we play outside... we swing... we go for walks... we play games... we paint pumpkins...

Nothing fancy. Nothing too impressive. But we're together.

And it's nice.

Maybe next year I'll feel less stress. Maybe next year I'll feel less hurried. Maybe next year we'll try Awana's again.
But this year... a relaxing family night is nice.


Kristin said...

Sounds like a wise choice for all of you!

angelina said... again :) I work in family ministries at a church in CA...we provide a curriculum for families to help give ideas on what to do during a family night. If you ever need any ideas, you can find our archives here ::

just click on families>homefront monthly :)

Julie said...

That does sound like a wise choice for this year. It is so hard to say no to things that are good, but you know what is best for your family.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the painted pumpkins! Enjoy your Wednesday nights together!

Hanni said...

We didn't go to our church Wed. night program this year because I couldn't get Hadley out and about to take the older kids. We had to keep Hadley away from germs. It has been so nice to home together and not running out the door. Life has still been a little crazy but when we get back on schedule I want to continue to keep the kids home and do what you are doing. We have learned how priceless this time with our kids is. Yes, church is important but you can even be too busy running out the door for church. Enjoy your Wednesdays!

Jenny said...

What a good idea! Sometimes we feel so rushed as well, taking the kids to various activities. This is a good reminder to just spend time with them doing simple things together. Thanks! =)
Also, I love the pumpkins! So cute!

Ben said...

We are in the same's good to take time for family. Love your painted pumpkins! :)

Beth said...

I applaud your decision!! When our kids were little, we were very intentional about having a "family night". Ours was Sunday night, and we took turns choosing supper and our activity, but it was so important for us to have a night, just like you describe, where we weren't hurrying and nagging, just spending time together. Good for you!! It will get harder to do when they get older, but enjoy it now!