Friday, October 15, 2010


Sophie's birthday treats for school... 

Corey took the extras to work for his birthday...  (I added yellow to the pink frosting. Orange seemed more manly.)  :) 

These cupcake cones were super easy to make. My only dilemma was how to get them to school without them falling all over the place. Thank you, Jessi for this idea! It worked perfectly!!! (I used two 9x13 pans for Sophie's and this carrier for Corey's.) It held them in place beautifully and the painters tape came off without even a tiny bit of residue! You are so smart!! 


Jenny said...

My little girl is obssessed with Pinkalicious! That is a great way to get those cupcakes to school/work! I will have to remember that sometime.

Beckysblog said...

well those sure look fun!!!!