Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sophie had been wanting to go to Nebraska for a long time. (Mainly because one of her best friends, Gracie, talks so much about going there to visit her grandparents.) We talked about going there this summer, but it didn't work out. When we saw that our school's fall break fell over Sophie's birthday, we decided to call it a birthday trip! 

I got lots of good recommendations on things to do from my blog friend, Holly. (Still can't believed we missed getting together when you lived there, Holly!) It was a quick, two day trip, but we really had a good time. 

Our hotel was perfect! We had a one bedroom suite... kitchen, living room, bedrooms with 2 queen beds. Swimming pool... movies to check out... breakfast and dinner... beer on tap at dinner... wonderful service! (The manager saw the kids at supper the night we were having chicken pot pie. They had just agreed to eat a lot of vegetables from the salad bar and a little bit of pot pie so that we could go out for ice cream and go swimming afterwards. She came over and offered to make them each a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So nice!!) 

The kids were great at the hotel. Gretchen slept perfectly tucked back in the kitchen. (And don't worry... I took the knife out of the drawer and made sure she couldn't turn on the stove burners or the dishwasher.) She couldn't see us in the living room from here, so we could put the kids to bed and then Corey and I could stay up later. (Much better than the times we've sat in the bathroom or the hallway of hotel rooms, reading a book or magazine.)

Our hotel was downtown, just a few minutes away from some of the places we planned on going. 

For only being there for two days, I have lots of pictures...


Chad and Jody said...

We were so sad we couldn't meet up with your guys. Your kids would have LOVED the Pizza Machine! Maybe you'll have to plan another trip sometime while we're there.

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

That's funny that Sophie's really been asking to go to Nebraska. I have to wonder if she'll still ask for that when she's older....But admittedly, we do like Omaha (just not the drive up there). Also, we LOVE Homewood Suites. I had stayed in a couple when I business traveled (I was one of those business travelers who was staying in one for three weeks at a time and probably cringed when I saw kids in the elevator). But, we stayed in one this summer up in Minneapolis, and it worked sooooo well with Luke sleeping in another room from us.

Ben said...

Looks like a fun trip - great memories for sure. :)