Thursday, October 7, 2010

mental health.

 I stayed home from school today. It was a "mental health" day.
The intent was to stay home with Gretchen, but she ended up being fine.
Since sub plans were already made and we were paying for daycare regardless... I decided to take advantage of my day.

Slept late. (not real late, since I still had to get kids to school... but it was an hour later than I usually get up)
Big kids to school.
Gretchie to daycare.
A leisurely breakfast.
Several things crossed off my never-ending To-Do-List.
Hotel reservations made. (mini family vacation coming soon!)
Ran a few errands.
Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper.
Shopping at some of my favorite places... Eddie Bauer Outlet, Old Navy and Target.
New jeans. (a size smaller than I thought I needed!!)
Decided on outfits for family pictures.
Found a Halloween costume for Lawson.
More errands.
Cleaning. (because as my husband so nicely put on Facebook, "our house looks like it threw up on itself.")
Sonic Happy Hour with the kids.
More laundry.
More cleaning.

It was a good day.
A much needed day.
Parent/teacher conferences the last two weeks.
Meetings, meetings, meetings.
New curriculum that I am really not loving.
All day kindergarten.
More meetings.
My mental health was getting a little shaky.

I'm not 100%... but it's better.
Today was good.

And I saw this quote on a t-shirt:  "You call them gray hairs. I call them stress highlights."

Wishing I had gotten my stress highlights covered up before my high school reunion this weekend...


kristin said...

amy, i have used a permanent marker on my hair in a moment of panic.

only once, though.

glad you had that day.

Jessi said...

A little bit of brown mascara works great wonders on my stress highlights when I'm in a pinch. ;) Just sayin...

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Good for you!

I'm in need of a mental health day, myself. Which sounds a bit silly since I'm a stay-at-home-mom, but I still work 40 or so hours a week.

Mmmm, Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper sounds so good right now.

Toni :O) said...

I'm jealous...I never get a mental health day and I sure could use one...although it will be like forever cause I just started a new job with no vacation until like May of next year. least I'm employed cause I live in Michigan where MANY people have no jobs. I feel blessed but I'd sure like a day to myself and NOT clean the house...mine looks like it threw up on itself too (I LOVE that..cracked me up and I needed the chuckle!). I heart your blog as much as Meg's....just awesome and inspiring! Okay, now I'm off to at least DUST my stupid house...blech!