Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Exciting stuff here last week... 

It fell out during lunch at school. He was so excited! But... they couldn't find it. Anywhere!
One of the lunch ladies told me they looked all over. She was so worried he would be upset.
Lawson shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess the tooth fairy just flew down and grabbed it."

That's the story we went with.
Pretty big stuff for a kindergartener.


Frau said...

Yay, Lawson! You and Maren now have matching "holes". I'm just a little slow blogging about it. =) and Aim - I remember losing my 1st tooth at the pool in Salina. I insisted on writing the toothfairy a letter to explain the whole thing. I like Lawson's outlook!

rentz said...

Ezra told me all about this.

Ben said...

"and know there's a window when he smiles at me!" :) Congrats - this is a BIG deal.