Thursday, October 14, 2010


Happy Birthday, Sweet Sophie! 

It doesn't seem possible that you are 8 years old. 
Mrs. Childs told me you walked into school wearing your 8 shirt and she thought, "Wait. That's not right." 
But it is right. You are 8 years old

You can be the sweetest thing. 
You still love to cuddle and snuggle up together. 
You love hugs and kisses. 
You tell me you love me at least 3 times before you go to bed. 
Always whisper-hollering it one more time as I walk down the hall. 
You adore your baby sister. 
You play really well with Lawson. (sometimes)
You love having your room clean and organized. (and you get a little obsessive about it sometimes.) 
You sleep on top of the covers so that your bed always stays neat. 
You have two special blankets, Miss Witzy and your pink and purple bear blanket. You got them both when you were born. 

We are still working on the sassy attitude. 
We are still working on the eye rolling. (No idea where you get that from!) 
We are still working on the "not freaking out over shoes/socks/clothes that don't feel comfortable" thing. 
You drive me a little crazy sometimes. 
I ADORE you, I really do. But you frustrate me at times. A lot of times. 
I'm still telling myself... we are getting this attitude stuff out of your system now... and you are going to be DELIGHTFUL as a teenager. :) 

We love you, Sophie Nicole. 
With all that we are. 
You will forever be our favorite oldest daughter. 

Happy birthday, sweet girl. 


Courtney said...

what a GORGEOUS picture of her!!!

happy birthday!

Angie said...

Your Sophie sounds a lot like my Maddie!
Happy Birthday, Sophie, from Texas!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful daughter! Hope you guys have a great time celebrating. And yest- I can be creative I just don't have time to be! And actually let me rephrase, I can copy a good idea really well and sometimes tweek it to be my own:) Crafting has become really good therapy for me- now if only I could scheduled a "therapy" session weekly!

Melissa said...

And FYI- all your crafty friends are getting me hooked on spray paint! I was so excited that my dr gave me the go ahead to spray paint outside (as long as there was no grafitti involved!) I have been on a mission to find stuff to paint!

Frau said...

Happy Birthday to our friend, Sophie! Maren and I had a wonderful time celebrating with you and I love your "8" shirt!

Christina said...

She is a darling girl!
The time goes by so fast. Today at church I met someone new (but he knows my husband) and he introduced me to his wife and told her my son was in second grade. He looked at me for confirmation and I said,"No, first." Then I shook my head and look confused and said,"No, you're right. He's in second!" It sounded so wrong coming from someone else!
Her birthday celebration sounds like it was so much fun. :)