Saturday, October 16, 2010

c/95 tailgate

Our reunion weekend started with a tailgate party at the football game Friday night. We had perfect weather and it was so much fun! 

Sophie and Maren (Meagan's daughter) showed up in matching outfits! Orange skirts and white shirts! (Awesome school colors, huh? Orange, brown and white. Go Cowboys!) Meagan and I laughed when we overheard part of their conversation... "What are you going to wear tomorrow? I don't know. What are you going to wear? Hmm... I'll call you!" I have no idea how many times Meagan and I must have had that same conversation! (and I may have even emailed her about what she was wearing to the reunion dinner Saturday night!)

It was Homecoming... which Sophie was very intrigued by. She decided that she wants to be "Queen of High School" someday. When she asked me how they decide to vote for, I told her that the vote for the nicest, friendliest girl... who is sweet to everyone. She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Well, that doesn't mean they have to be nice to their parents!" Awesome.

Enjoy Magdalena while she's this size, Meagan. She may be a handful, but at least she's not sassy! :)

After the game we ran back to homes or grandparents and put kids to bed. Then a few of us stayed out until 1:00 am... drinking and talking. (We got drinks at Sonic and then went to a church to talk. We're so wild.)  :) 

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