Saturday, October 16, 2010

c/95 reunion.

I had my 15 year high school reunion last weekend.
Some people hate reunions.
Some classmates of mine have said they have no desire to ever return to a reunion.
I'm pretty sure some people wish we were still in high school.
I can't say that I'm one of those... but I did have fun in high school.
I've loved reconnecting with so many classmates on Facebook.
It made it so much easier at the reunion.
We could skip all the "where do you live/what do you do/do you have any kids" stuff and just get busy talking!

I had a great time.
There were only about 27 from our class of 100 that made it for some part of the weekend.
Wishing that others could have been there.
Lots of pictures to come.
If you didn't go to high school with me, you may want to skip these next few posts. :)

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Brittany said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! ;) I didn't get to go to my 10 yr reunion because Layton was only 10 days old -- definitely didn't feel like going to a reunion! ha! ;)

I graduated in 97 - hard to believe that we have been out sooo long!

Tried to find you on FB - but couldn't:(