Sunday, August 3, 2008

tooth fairy.

Sophie says she has a tooth that hurts.
We said maybe it was getting loose and going to fall out soon.
This led to a whole discussion about the tooth fairy and what she was going to do when the tooth fairy came.
Normal, typical tooth fairy stuff.

Then Lawson wants to share...

I can't remember his whole story, but it involved a carrot, his pillow, and a gun.

Not sure what mental picture he has of the tooth fairy, but she might be something like the Easter Bunny in his little head. And apparently, he is going to lure her in with a carrot and then shoot her.

Welcome to the world of little boys.


amy said...

I love it! That is hilarious! I think I would like to meet this little boy who wants to lure the tooth fairy in with a carrot and then shoot her! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

craig and I just cracked up when we read lawson's plan for the tooth fairy, i hope it's a water gun!