Sunday, August 17, 2008


Marley and Miley had a little playdate on Friday.
Corey was running out of town for awhile and Amy offered (begged) for Marley to come over.
She said it took Marley a little while to get used to the playing, but then the two of then had a ball. Romping and rolling all over the yard.
She even went for a swim in Miss Amy's pond. Not quite on purpose... she's a pretty clumsy little thing.

Miley kept trying to crawl through the fence today to come see her new friend.
Marley was very excited to see her...

Big hug.

Because of the swim in the pond, Marley has had her first real bath now, too.
No pictures, though. It took both of us to hold her.
She is now clean, sweet smelling and oh-so-soft!

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Anonymous said...

i almost felt guilty enough to give her a bath after the "plunge", but then i thought....hmmm, i don't want to take that experience away from them! :) I think they have each found their BFF! wait til ya have to trim her toenails, you might need sophie and lawson to sit on her.