Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I threw up in our kitchen sink this morning.
I cried off and on all afternoon.

I'm not sick.
I'm not pregnant.
At least I shouldn't be.

I think I'm really, really stressed.
And tired.
And emotional.

Our school year got off to a stressful start. Major changes made in K/1... 1 week before we start with kids. Stress.
I'm still going to bed at my summer bedtime, but I'm getting up about 2 hours earlier. Exhaustion.
I have 7 different people asking me for my 1st grade schedule and I don't have it figured out yet. Stress.
I'm sending an excited, but really nervous little girl off to kindergarten tomorrow. Emotional.
I'm surrounded by supportive teachers and friends who can take one look at me and say, "Are you okay?!" I'm nodding my head as tears start flowing down my cheeks. With a quivering lip, I'm saying, "I'm fine. Really. I don't know why I'm crying."

But I do know.

Classroom is ready.
Meet the Teacher Night finished.
Plans are made.
Schedule is tentative, but pretty good, I think.
I'm ready for 1st grade.

But I'm still not sure I'm ready for kindergarten...


amy said...

Oh, Amy~
I know you are an amazing teacher! I pray for God to give you peace and calmness. It is hard to send your baby off to school but she is in for some exciting times! How lucky for both of you that you are right down the hall and can keep watch over her. Isn't that an amazing blessing! Imagine the moms who just drop off their children and are not able to "peek" on their little ones. This time of year is a busy time for the Lord, I would imagine...LOL! Keep offering it up to Him...He will take care of Sophie...and you. :)

Amanda said...

Amy, I will be praying for you. I've heard things are kind of stressful there...well, okay, maybe not KIND OF. I miss you all and hope you are having a great first day...and I hope Sophie is too!

meg duerksen said...

if you need hugs just ask talby for some.
she's trying to be extra brave but i know she was so nervous to have no grace and no clara at school this year.
i hope your day goes smooth.
it will be so neat to hear sophie's side of what goes on at school.
and who knows...maybe you are pregnant. :)

the mcclenahans said...

Hey Amy!
I was praying for you guys today. I was at school to help with kindergarten assessments and saw Sophie. She looked like she was doing great. She is a cutie! I can't believe all the changes this year. I hope the stress level goes down soon...I will be thinking of you all!

Kara Janzen said...

Hi Amy! By now you have survived the first day. I hope it went well...for you and for Sophie! I can't even tell you how often I thought of all of you today! I'll be praying for all of you. I'm planning to come down the last weekend in August; maybe I'll get to see you then!

Aaron and Shannon said...

I'm so sorry things are stressful. I will be praying for you guys. And from a Kindergarten teacher, know that Sophie will be loved for more than you know! We cherish those little babies!