Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st grade.

I have never had a bunch of kiddos quite like this.
I have this project that we do on the first day of school.
For 9 years I have done this on the first day of school.
This year, we have yet to do it.
I planned to do it on Thursday. Then wanted to do it on Friday. But they are seriously wasting so much time! Lessons that should be taking us 20 minutes are taking 45.
I took away recess time from the entire class on the first day of school!
They must think I am so mean.
I have been mean. As mean as I get, anyway.
All you teachers know... you usually get that "honeymoon" period.
Not this year.

But I'm determined to get this taken care of soon.
And the lunch ladies were saying how crazy they were... so it's not just me.
And the kindergarten teachers have looked at my list and said, "Oh... yeah... you do have quite a crew."

So I will be mean.
I will continue to remind them that 1st grade is much more fun if you don't have a grouchy teacher.
And we will do all kinds of firecrackers, sprinklers and silent cheers during the moments that they are getting it.
And hopefully soon... I will have a wonderful little bunch of people.

Especially that little Talby girl. :)


Aaron and Shannon said...

I know exactly how you feel. I had that kind of class a couple of years ago. The only thing that got me through was that I was pregnant and finishing the year in April! So...I'm sure it will get better, or you could just have another baby!!!

meg duerksen said...

watch out for talby...she's a real trouble maker.