Thursday, August 14, 2008

first day.

This little girl had the best day today!

Not even a hint of being scared, according to her daddy. Corey took some pictures (isn't he good?!) and said, "Okay, Soph... I'm gonna leave." She said "Okay! I love you, Daddy!"

Mommy had a pretty good day, too. I guess all my meltdowns yesterday were good... I managed to not be an emotional wreck this morning! (But it was handy having a spy in the building that went to visit Kindergarten and then reported back to all the teacher mommies in our building (there are 3 of us). Thanks, Sarah!) And the fact that I was so busy with my own 21 little people, one in particular who was climbing the walls (wanna make a guess who this is, Jess?) I didn't have time to be nervous for her!

Doing our "Kissing Hand." (wonderful book!)

When I saw Sophie at our all school assembly this morning, we both put our hands on our cheeks.
"Mommy loves me!"
"Sophie loves me!"

Her teacher this morning (they mix them all up for the first seven days... then assign them to classes once they get to know them a little) said that during indoor recess (the first day of school... yuck.) Sophie just sat and watched for awhile. She asked if she wanted to go play and Sophie said no. But she wasn't scared... just watching, taking it all in... which didn't surprise me. Pretty soon she got some pattern blocks and started to make designs and patterns.

She and Corey stopped by to see me before they left for lunch at McDonalds (1/2 days the first 7 weeks of school). She was absolutely giddy! So excited about her day. I love that she is there with me. I love that I can see her in the hallways and at assemblies and recess.

Thank you Mrs. Roux, Mrs. Koehn, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Brown... for making her first school experience a great one! You are all wonderful and I love working with you!

And I love this little man, too.


Amanda said...

okay, if I'm tearing up ALREADY reading about Sophie going to Kindergarten, I can't imagine what I'll be like in 3 years! Cute fun to have her very NEAR!

Anonymous said...

Five more years and I will be having that same experience! I am so glad Sophie had such a wonderful day! Think of all the stories she is going to have to share with the family at supper time!

the mcclenahans said...

I am so glad Sophie had a great first day! The first day of kindergarten is so fun...but scary too. I will be thinking about you dealing with the "climbing child". I can only imagine!

Aaron and Shannon said...

I'm so glad things went well. She looks so cute! I would take 20 of her please!