Monday, August 25, 2008

still grouchy.

I am still the meanest 1st grade teacher in our school.

My kids are just not getting it.
We have practiced. And practiced. And practiced.
Lining up... walking in the hall... working without talking... working with whisper voices... lining up from recess... lining up from lunch... coming to the rug... going back to our desks... more lining up... more walking in the hall.

I am exhausted.

I've asked friends (I prefer that title over "Instructional Coach") to come and observe, to come give me ideas, to come assure me that I am not crazy, I haven't forgotten how to teach 6 year olds. They are agreeing... this is a unique bunch. I have about 7 kids that are consistently listening and following directions. 7 out of 21.

My favorite "stern lecture" from today:

"It is not okay to threaten your little Chinese friend and make her give you her paper so that you can erase her name, write your name at the top and then hand it in as your own."
(Yep. They are 6.)
Then the little friend and I practice saying in a BIG voice "No! This is my paper. I won't give it to you!"

It's gonna be a long year.


Doug and Sarah said...

You are not the meanest teacher in our school. And in all fairness to you, you are the o nly full time first grade teacher. I guarantee that for most (notice I didn't write all) that practice, practice, practice will eventually make progress. Yes, they're squirly, but you're doing all the right things to help them become stable first graders. Hang in there!!Tomorrow's another day and as my mom often remindds me, "this too will pass".

the mcclenahans said...

Sorry it is not going well. I'm sure you are not a mean teacher! I actually talked to one of your students and she said she LOVED first grade! Remember it takes some kids a long time to get in a routine...they will get it (at least most of them)!