Monday, August 25, 2008

my weekend.

Some fun highlights from my weekend:

* Corey got up with the kids and let me sleep late on Saturday. Love him.
* He left to go help his brother on the farm.
* He's just called to tell me he's there and Sophie comes to talk to me. Her eye looks like this...

Pink, swollen... I'm thinking it looks a lot like pinkeye.

I pull her eyelid down and it's all goopy, jelly like, almost looks like her eyeball is swollen. Gross.
fyi: I took these pictures to email to my mom (aka: Dr. Mom)

* It's 12:30 pm on Saturday. The Immediate Care Clinic is only open until 12:00.
* I call my next door neighbor, Dana, who is a nurse. No answer.
* I call my other neighbor, Carol, who is a mom of 5, and ask her to come look at it and give me her Dr. Mom opinion. She doesn't think it looks good.
* I call our doctor friend, Mr. Lee. No answer. (Turns out he was the one working the Immediate Care Clinic)
* I email pictures to my mom and while talking to her think of one more person to call. Jill, our soon-to-be pediatric nurse practitioner (she's transferring to the clinic here), her sister is one of my best friends, and I've had 2 of her daughters in my class (fyi: Emily is one of the 7)
* We go to Jill's house, she diagnoses it and calls us in a prescription. And then wouldn't accept anything other than a thank you. Thank you, Jill. You're the best!


* Sunday morning: Corey has to work. I planned on just staying home, since there is no Kid's Worship or Sunday School during the month of August and Sophie looks like she has pinkeye. But remembered I had 2 months worth of tithing that I kept forgetting to put in the offering. (June and July. Since I should now be tithing for August, I figure I ought to get them there.)

* Decide at the last minute to get everyone around. We're dressed, ready to go, and actually going to be somewhat on time (not as late as we usually are)

* Hurrying to get to church, crossing Main Street, I come to an almost complete stop, zip across, and realize that the car coming towards me is... a cop car. Crap.

* He turns, follows me, rides on my bumper for a few blocks, then finally turns on his lights. As he's slowly creeping up to my window, cautiously looking in the back seat (at my 2 children, buckled in their car seats) it occurs to me... I don't have my driver's license. Crap. Again. (I did have our church bag, filled with books, crayons, stickers and gum to keep these little people occupied during a service with no Kid's Worship. But no purse or driver's license.)

* He was very nice and ended up letting me off with a warning. Whether it was because he felt sorry for me, or because he felt bad giving me a ticket while I am obviously on my way to church, or because I name dropped our next door neighbor/police detective, I'll never know. (In my defense, I only name dropped while saying, "No, I'm sorry, I don't have my license. But I live next door to _______. He could vouch for me."

* Finally made it to church, not even close to on time now. By the time the service was done, it is pouring rain. Since I have no nice hubby with me who will go get the car and pull it up to the door for us, I run through the rain with 2 children, who manage to find and splash in every huge puddle.


* Sunday afternoon: Sweet hubby sends me off with some girlfriends to go see this:

After 2 attempts to see it, both sold out, I finally got to watch it.

Loved it.
Want the DVD.
Want the soundtrack.
So much fun.
A perfect girl's night.


Amanda said...

HEY, we saw MAMA MIA for girls night on Saturday night!!! We saw it on accident after not getting in to see the Sisterhood movie...but we LOVED it...I was sitting there smiling the entire time. We joked about how our husbands will sometimes watch chick flicks with us...but there is absolutely no way, no how, NEVER that most husbands would EVER go for that one. I would probably draw the line on that one FOR him! We loved it though...and yes, I'm getting the soundtrack to put on my ipod I'm getting for my bday! I LOVED it! Thank goodness for girl nights!

meg duerksen said...

big day.

i was bummed to miss the movie.
my kids went in with craig to dillons and we ran out of time.

how crazy you got stopped by a cop?!
you are a crazy driver though....

Heidi said...

I know this post is 10 years old, but I'm hoping you will still get this! Would you happen to remember what the diagnosis for your daughter's eye was? My son has the same thing, and I'm trying to find out what it could be, and it looks identical to the picture!

Amy said...

I’m sorry... I don’t remember! Hope your son can get a quick and easy diagnosis, though! Good luck!

Heidi said...

Ok, thank you anyways. :) I appreciate your time! God bless!

Unknown said...

Looking for diagnosis