Friday, August 8, 2008


Don't tell Megan.

Or Megan's kids.

But look who came to live at our house...

Meet Marley.


Anonymous said...

He is very cute. So I now have a grand dog ! I'm sure the kids are thrilled. Maybe dad alittle too?

Amy said...

SHE is very cute. And this is coming from a not-a-dog-person. Come visit soon to meet your grand dog! She may just work her way into your heart, too, Mom. :)

Anonymous said...

it's actually yours, to keep??

Amy said...


Anonymous said...

So does this also mean I will get to care for your new "daughter" starting on Monday?!? HA! Marley is adorable! Let's arrange a 'show and tell' at my daycare. I know all of the kids would love to meet her and Sophie and Lawson would love showing her off too! :)

kristin said...

she is cute.

what kind of dog?

way to go...your kids will love her!

Danelle said...

Megan will be jealous. My lips are sealed!

meg duerksen said...

so you just swoop in and steal my dog when i leave town???

craig wasn't going to give in anyway.
and i will get to smile real big when i hear you yelling "marley come back! marley! where are you marley?!"
or when i see you guys picking up dog poop.
ha ha ha

you know where you have dog sitters anytime you need one.

and talby is super excited about being n your class!