Sunday, March 9, 2008


I posted something the other day about Lawson being such a little climber...
Yesterday I hear, "Somebody come get me down!"

This would be Lawson, standing on the kitchen counter.

He apparently needed 2 spoons for his Play-Do. This is the cabinet where we keep the little plastic plates, silverware and sippy cups.

I said, "How did you get up there?!" (He hasn't ever done this before.)

"I jus did dis, Mommy."
(this is the little stool from the bathroom)

"First you do dis..."

"Den, you put your leg up here like dis."
Oh, Lawson.

Thursday night I had an appointment to get my hair color "refreshed." Lawson was curious about it:

L: What is Miss Amy gonna do?
Me: She's going to get rid of all Mommy's gray hairs.
L: Who did it?
Me: You did!
L: Uh, uh. It wasn't me... it was Sopie!

Sadly, I did have a few gray hairs after Sophie came along, but for some reason the number has tripled since Lawson.
Ornery little man.


Courtney said...

I can relate, my Sawyer (2 1/2) is always climbing up on the kitchen countertops & getting into things he shouldn't be!!! =) How old is Lawson?

Amy said...

He'll be 3 at the end of the month! We do have similar lives! :)