Friday, March 14, 2008

super day.

Sophie was a little off this morning. Didn't seem quite herself, not wanting to go to Jessi's... but no fever. I figured she was just tired.

Jessi called at 8:30. 101* fever. (I swear I took her temp this morning. Several times!) Another "Mother of the Year" moment on my part.

Corey went and got her, I got my 1st graders busy on something and started making sub plans. Got home around 9:15. Sophie was snuggled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and looking pretty pathetic.

1 hour later... she is running around the house, singing and playing!
Motrin is a wonderful thing.
So, being at home with a sick kiddo (who isn't acting sick) gave me a chance to get tons of stuff done!
We're leaving for our scrapbooking trip at 3:45. I was going to rush home after school, try and hurry to get everything organized. (All the things I didn't finish getting organized last night because I was so tired after another 12 1/2 hour day with conferences!)
Now I am organized, packed, relaxed and ready to go!
(And I had time to do things like post 10 random facts about myself on my blog!)
Both kids are sleeping.
I'm going to cross a few more things off my To-Do-List and make a cherry coffeecake as a surprise for Corey.

Hoping for lots of productivity this weekend!
Yea, for a Spring Break that got to start early! :)

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Courtney said...

Yes, I have watched the "Notebook"!!! It's so romantic. =) Love it.