Sunday, March 2, 2008


Do other states show the movie "Twister" 5 times in a week and a half?
Or is it just Kansas?

Seriously. 5 times.
And we only get 20 channels.


jody said...

i am no expert with my new camera. i haven't read the manual yet and imagine it will be some time before I have it figured out.
but I got a canon rebel xti.
and I do use the flash inside. (it's automatically uses it right now. i'm sure i could change the settings...but like I said, haven't figured that out yet. :-) )
take care of Pam for us!

Holly said...

um, no. must just be a kansas thing!

speaking of Kansas, your MK is in and I can't find where I so convienently placed your address, could you e-mail it to me??? thanks!!!!