Saturday, March 22, 2008

spring break.

So our Spring Break hasn't been quite what I had planned, but it has been a break, and I am grateful for that. Sophie spent most of the weekend running a fever and coughing. Lawson came into our room at 3 am Saturday with a nasty cough, too. (This is while I was away scrapbooking!) Sophie went to Grandma and Grandpa's and got lots of love and attention and Corey did the same with Lawson. Unfortunately, Corey also caught the same bug.

Sophie's fever has been sporadic this week, her cough has been persistant, Lawson's nose has been running non-stop and Corey missed 3 days of work and is currently sounding like he is going to cough up a lung any minute. (He doesn't like to be reminded that this is the same bug I had a couple weeks ago that my super-strong immune system managed to fight off while just missing 1 day of work! Love you, honey!)

Last night around 11 pm, Sophie's fever hit 104*. I wasn't sure if I could give her ibprofen along with the cough medicine I had given her 90 minutes earlier and we knew Dr. Mom (aka: Grandma) was already in bed. The pediatrician on call said to give her some and to bring her into Immediate Care (9-12: first come, first served) the next morning (Saturday). We left this morning armed with snacks, a water bottle and a big, thick book full of Disney stories. Contemplated sitting out in the hallway after checking in to stay away from all the other germy people there. (A couple ladies looked really bad!) But we found a nice secluded corner, sat and read our book, came out an hour and 20 minutes later with a prescription for amoxicyllian. (Isn't that the cure for everything?)

All my sick people are napping now (or watching basketball) and hopefully all will be healthy enough for church tomorrow. Easter is my favorite holiday!

We did manage to get outside a few times this week to play in the sand and mud...

And we played lots of dress up.

And my happiest day... Thursday my mom came down, the kids went to daycare and we got to spend the whole day shopping together! Since these little people (who we both love dearly) came along, we realized we never get time just the 2 of us anymore. So much fun! (And we only bought one matching thing, k1!)

I love my new green purse! It's so springy... and clean! (And it looks so cute with the little pink wallet!)

How fun is this little bag?! It's my new camera bag!
The one that came with the camera is ginormous and not at all cute. My neighbor gave me a regular camera bag that was almost big enough, but not quite. (Thanks anyway, Amy!) This is perfect! Big enough for the camera, my wallet, phone, etc. I can already picture taking it on trips to the zoo!

And because I loved the big red bucket so much...
Can't you just picture these filled with paints, ribbons, stamps and other scrapbooking supplies?
(There's a yellow one somewhere that Sophie ran off with.)
Just more motivation to get the garage loft finished!

On our agenda this evening: decorating Easter eggs and watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!" Happy Easter!

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