Wednesday, March 19, 2008


25 pages!
I started a second album for Lawson (age 1 and up)
It was so fun to go back through his pictures.

I stole this idea from Megan. I put down stickers... painted over them... peeled the stickers off. I love it! Megan is amazing. So creative. Such a scrapbook inspiration!

For the record: my friends were no help at all trying to come up with a title for this theme.
(Except Jana.)

I think this was my favorite page.

I think I had scrapbooked maybe twice since we went here last year. That's so sad! I love it and my family loves to see the finished pages!
We've got to get our loft "scrapbook ready" for this summer!


meg duerksen said...

i'm glad i could inspire you.
it's just fun to get creative...try new stuff all the time!
we have to do this more than once a year!

Anonymous said...

Your pages are adorable! I never really saw all of them while we were there. I was too busy thinking I should be going to "Wieners Meat Market!" Ha! Can we make this a twice a year event? Seriously!