Saturday, August 22, 2015

kc trip {day 2}

{20 years ago the four of us went to a Royals game before us girls headed off to college. We didn't sit together at the game last night, but we did get to eat breakfast together this morning! =) #justacoincidence #lifelongfriends}

They wanted to ride every escalator they saw. More than once. And we said yes. Just because. =)

{This just makes me happy. #ilovecolor}

{I am a fan of the low-key, not a lot planned vacation. I am not a fan of the million questions that go along with that. ("Less questions, just go with the flow" has become my mantra.) So far their biggest requests have been swimming at the hotel, going to a pet store and riding escalators at Crown Center.}

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Anonymous said...

Cool! We used to be stationed at Kansas City and our kids loved going to Fritz's. :)